Simple export of title, composer & comments tag - HELP!

Hi, I would like to be able to do a (simple?) export with CSV comments for Title / composer / comments. I have looked for ages on the foru8m & can't find this solution.

When I try to create a new export & edit it, my computer pops up saying "select a windows program to edit this type of file" then only gives me the Tor browser as an option... Tor Opens & nothing seems useful.

Could someone please help? I just want to be able to select all my files, export a CSV (preferably) with columns for TITLE / COMPOSER / ALBUM ARTIST / COMMENTS so that the correct comments are next to the correct song etc.

Please help!!

... the standard installation even comes with a csv export script ...
perhaps you find inspiration in this thread:

I would seriously check the default program association for a plain text file

Hi, thank you . But I still don't know how to actually make this happen? Sorry this is above my technical knowledge. Please help!!

As almost all the steps are described either in the help or in the linked thread, I do not know where you need help.
So if you described what you do and where you get stuck, it would be much easier.

Thank you. Sorry but I just do not understand how to make the script correctly. I have read both & it is still a mystery. I could carry on struggling & getting frustrated, or maybe would you mind please telling me what I need to type (or maybe even doing it & I can copy & paste please?)

I have changed the default file type to text editor, which has worked.
I have made a new export "export comments" but when I go to edit it, this comes up - I don't understand it!! If it is super easy for you, would you please write me what I need to export Title + Composer + Album artist + comments so it all comes out in a CSV in the correct way - so all those things come out on the same row. Thsi is obviously very simple to you, but not to me

$filename(New export file.txt,utf-8)
(Use the $filename command if you want to set the exported file default name and/or its encoding)

This is the header line of the export file

Use the loop(...) command do loop over specific fields of your files e.g.

This part is shown for all different artists: %artist%
You can even nest loops:
This will show the artists albums: %album%
With its tracks:
$loop(%track%) %title%
Be sure to close the loops

This is the footer line - Have fun :slight_smile:

I don't even understand the terminology such as "loop" etc. I don't need to understand either in my daily life, I just need to make this script then get on with my day. If someone could please be a data hero & help me out by just writing a script it would be so helpful & brilliant! WOuld probably take an expert all of 10 seconds haha, or me about 4 hours!!

Select the files for which you want to create the export.
The new file that you have created should contain the sample text.
You don't need that text - replace it with the following text:
Save the edited text and return to the export script selection dialogue.
In that dialogue enter a filename for the export.
Click OK to execute the script.


Brilliant, thanks so much! Top man/lady!! Much appreciated, I will try it later. Seriously that would have taken me hours to figure out, & driven me to drink!

How would I get each value to be on different columns please? Sorry I should have been more specific, but didn't think to ask.

Currently that works, but all the information comes out in the same box in XL. Is it possible to export the data so it comes out like this: Title comes out in column A, Composer in column B, Album artist in column C & then Comments in Column D?

Sorry I wasn't specific in the first place, I appreciate your help!

In my Excel the tab character ($char(9)) works better than a comma...
But if your Excel needs a comma, here you go:
$filename(csv,utf-16)Title,Composer,Albumartist,Comment $loop(%_filename%)%TITLE%,%COMPOSER%,%ALBUMARTIST%,%COMMENT%

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That's brilliant, thank you very much!! You are a star! That has really saved me a load of head scratching, & I'm sure will also help many others too.

Big up yourself.

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