Simple export text help

Hello, at first, I wanted to create my own "code" by folowing some manual... But Since I didn't find any tutorial on how to create those, I manage to create something.

$loop(%_path%)%track% - %artist% - %album% - %title%

The output, for the Queen of the Damned OST would be:

I am halfway done since I managed to get all the info I wanted. however I need some help for the formating. What I need is:

  • Entry are sorted by track number
  • An extra space after the track number for number 1 to 9 (so entry are more aligned)
  • How do I add static text ??

Thanks for the help


This is static text.

$loop(%track%)$if($eql($len(%track%),1),%track% ,%track%) - %artist% - %album% - %title%

Merci Milka, you got some of my problems resolved, however the "sort by track number" function dosen't work like it should:

1  - Wayne Static of Static  X - Queen of the Damned - Not Meant For Me
10 - Static X - Queen of the Damned - Cold
11 - Earshot - Queen of the Damned - Headstrong
12 - Dry Cell - Queen of the Damned - Body Crumbles
13 - Tricky - Queen of the Damned - Excess
14 - KidneyThieves - Queen of the Damned - Before I'm Dead
2  - David Draiman of Disturbed - Queen of the Damned - Forsaken
3  - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park - Queen of the Damned - System
4  - DefTones - Queen of the Damned - Change (In The House of Flies)
5  - Marilyn Manson - Queen of the Damned - Redeemer
6  - Papa Roach - Queen of the Damned - Dead Cell
7  - Godhead - Queen of the Damned - Penetrate
8  - Jay Gordan - Queen of the Damned - Slept So Long
9  - Disturbed - Queen of the Damned - Down With The Sickness

Would it be possible to make the filename has the same name as the folder in wich are the songs ?

This is static text.

$loop($num(%track%,3))$if($eql($len(%track%),1),%track% ,%track%) - %artist% - %album% - %title%

Dano, your latest code works, tk.

HOwever, I want to add static test with lots of odd ascii caracters in it.
Every time I try to add it, I end with a error message like: [ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ]

Is there a way to mark lines as comments so they wont be taken as code ? It don't even work if I remove all the "$" in my ascii text.



The characters []$% have special functions, you must enclose them with '

Or if you put the whole text in ' it could also work
And if you want to use ' you must write it twice ''

Or $char(36) -> $