simple filename change - help needed please

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble in MP3TAG renaming a bunch of mp3 files.

I have about 40 files which have the word "Various" as the first word in the
file name, and I wish to delete this word.

For example:

Various - Tal Bachman She So High.mp3

I want to remove the "Various - " so the file name says this:

Tal Bachman She So High.mp3

I went into the "convert" menu, but I just can't figure out how to do this, and after
trying for a good 10 mins I figured I should ask in the forum.

Thank you for any help.

40 Files? Just do it manually! The time you spend for writing this post and your own 10 minutes of tests are much longer then rename the files manually.

Open the directory in your explorer, press F2, doubleclick the word "Various", Press Delete and Enter, go down one line using the Cursor and repeat this steps.

And have a look to your watch :wink:

Convert > Filename - filename
Old pattern:
Various - %1
New Pattern:

I appreciate your response, but isn't the "Convert" menu specifically made for this exact reason ?

I have 40 of these files in one folder, and more in another folder, and although you are correct that manually can be one solution, I don't find it that "fast"

I know that ACDSEE can rename files like this, and I could do it this way, but I like MP3tag and thought it would be good to know how to do it from within the program.

To anyone who does know how to do this from within the MP3TAG program, thanks if you
can post some help.


Hi dano !

wow, - THANKS for jumping in on this thread !

I just tried it and it worked great !