Simple Newbie Question

Hi. I have my music files named simply by artist - song.

I HATE all the encoded information that programs like iTunes pick up. I have never been able to use iTunes because it tries to organize the music by all the complicated tags. It makes it impossible for me to manage my music within it's software.

I don't like all this information. I just want to download my music into a music player that will display my songs in order, just like they are in Windows Explorer:

Rolling Stones - Shattered
Grateful Dead - Casey Jones


I don't care about album art or anything else.

Can I use this program to strip away all the extra information on these files? Is there a music program that will then present my music to me in simple Artist - Song format?

Thanks, in advance

Yes, if you really want to:

Action: Remove fields expcept
Fields to leave: ARTIST;TITLE

I would recommend you WinAmp. You can choose there which columns/fields you want to see in the library. So you can choose only Artist and Title if you want.
By this way you don't have to delete the other fields, because they are not displayed anyway. Maybe one day you want to see to which album a song belongs or in which year it was released. Than it would be good when the information is still there.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've been using Winamp for a number of years on my desktop. I also used a tiny MP3 player that allowed me to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer and displayed my songs simply as Artist - Song.

The problem now is that I have an Android (Samsung Fascinate) smartphone. I was able to drag and drop my files onto the phone, but my music app, Doubletwist, doesn't have any options for song display. I guess it's reading the tags, (which I don't really understand). When I ask it to display the music by artist, it will say you have 22 Frank Sinatra albums, each of which contains usually just 2 or three songs. Then some of the other Sinatra songs are under Frank Sinatra, and others under no artist.

If I just strip away the album tags, will they sort properly? I don't mind keeping the album art.

So I guess you have had all your information in the filename up to now?
If all your filenames are like:
Rolling Stones - Shattered
Grateful Dead - Casey Jones
Use the Filename - Tag Converter :mt_ftt: with this Formatstring:
%artist% - %title%

Now you have Artist and Title Tag Fields based on the information of your filenames.

For sorting problems of your player, I think the following tag fields could make problems:

So, if you want to delete just these:

Action: Remove fields

Hmmm. I think I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

OK, I have all the files renamed. Now I want to remove the album, track and disc. I'm having a problem following your instructions. I can't figure out where I'm supposed to remove field.

The "Action" menu only give me an options for case conversion, CD-R and Standard. And none of the other menu items that say "remove" say anything about removing particular fields. Any help with your menu?

There are two Action Buttons, both have the Letters "Aa" on it
One for actions you want to use regularly. :mt_act:
And the other one for "Quick Actions" (does not save actions) (similar symbol with a yellow arrow)

Click on Quick Actions (with yellow arrow) and you will see a Window where you can choose "Remove fields"
Or, if you want to use the action regularly, click on :mt_act:, than on the right top :mt_new: , than give a name, than again on the right top :mt_new: , and than choose the action as in quick actions.

Well, that certainly worked. I was able to strip off the album, track and disk info. Unfortunately, though, it didn't solve my problem. I dragged and dropped the music files into my Android phone and the music is still showing up in a lousy format.

I've tried three different music softwares: Doubletwist, the stock player that came with the phone and Winamp for Android.

All three programs allow you to view your music library either by artist, song, or album. I prefer to view my music by artist, which you would think is normal, sings listings by song mixi all the different artists and genres.

The problem is that each artist is listed by album, with no name of the album and no indication how many songs on on the album.

Even after stripping the info from the tags, it still sorts the artists by album just like before.

I find this system very frustrating and illogical. I can't believe the software developers would create something so user unfriendly.

I must be doing something wrong.......

Actually, I've ended up having better success than I initially thought. First, correct all the Artist Title tags really made my music collection easier to manager in iTunes. Second, there was a big improvement in the presentation in my phone when I asked it to sort by artist. Still not perfect, but it managed to create only one album for each artist. There's still some inconsistencies, but most of those seem to be based on misspelling of filenames on my part.

Anyway, thanks alot for your help. Really appreciate it. Mach's gut.