Simple question - how to rename tags not via filenames??

Firstly, thanks for such a capable, powerful and wonderful program. But I found it SO hard to use!! Now, before I start, don't get me wrong - I'm no beginer to these sort of things. I've even written my own programs! But I found the simple task of renaming the Album name of many files, located in various directories, SO COMPLICATED!! I simply wanted to rename the Album names, according to the Directory names, but found no other way other than doing it through the filenames. So first I had to convert the filenames from the Directory names, then convert the Album names from the filename, then change back the filename to the original. And this took me a very long time , not just to do, but to work out how to use your program!!
Why don't you simply have a dialog, where each field is listed, with a 'before' box, and a 'after' box. So, for example, I would have chosen 'before' - Album field, and 'after' - the directory field, thereby the album field changes to take the name of the directory!! So simple!! This way, you can do away with all the various Convert menus you have, which make it so complicated! Just have ONE simple dialog, with any amount of fields listed, all with their 'before' and 'after' boxes!!! SO SIMPLE!! In fact, you do have something similar, on the left, a panel with various boxes, but when I tried to change all the album names by putting in %_directory%, it just renamed them exactly that! It didn't change according to directory name!
Waiting to hear your response,

Use the converter filename - tag like you found out before.
the trick though is to include a part of the path as well in the mask:

%album%\%track% - %title%

will read the album from the superior directory and the rest from the filenames.
If you only want to import the album name then enter a mask like this:
You will see in the preview whether it works.

(The little secret lies in using the backslash as separator.)

Thanx for that. Yes, indeed that would have been a solution for me. But generally, why make it so complicated when one just wants a simple change?! And what would happen if I wanted to rename them not based on the file path at all, only new word... How do I do that actually? So why not make it simple, one dialog, like you have on the left, with any field available, with a before and after!???

Could you tell us where you see potential to simplify?
As I take it you also need a storage for the old data (to identify the right files) and a storage for the new data and an action that applies the changes?
This is already there - only you have to know how.
The actions are extremely powerful and probably give you just the function you are looking for.

What do you mean by "change a word".
I am not quite sure whether you actually use the concept of embedded tags. The tags are much more powerful than any kind of filename. The filenames limit you to just one way of accessing the tracks. A good player lets you arrange the tracks by far more criteria.
So your first prerogative should be to fill the tags and then rearrange the files on your disc (if at all).

That is possible in two ways:
At the Tag Panel on the left you can add every field you want at File > Options > Tag Panel.
When you mark the files you want to edit and click on the "Extended Tags..." Button (or press Alt + T) you see all tag which are present in these files. And you can edit, delete or create new ones also here.

For your desired Before / After view:
Try the actions Format Value and Guess Values. The Converter Buttons are actually short links for this actions. If you want to change one tag field with the value of another field, use Format Value, choose the FIELD to edit and use the %field% which value you want to use for format string.
In you case:
Action: Format Value
Field: ALBUM
Format String: %_directory%

Or, if you directory names are not the plain album names but something like Artist - Album (Year) use Guess Values:
Action: Guess Values:
Source Format: %_directory%
Guessing Pattern: %dummy% - %album% (%dummy)

or, if you also want to change ARTIST and YEAR:
Guessing Pattern: %artist% - %album% (%year%)

Hi, thanks for your replies.
Yes, I do indeed use the embedded tags considerbly! It is these we are indeed discussing! And thanks Pone, I can now see how to change items with new words, not based on any other field.
I just have one question: Why are these powerful functions not available from the left panel???
Why is this method HIDDEN behind loads of options. In this very dialog on the left, if I type in the 'Title' field "%artist%", I expect the title to become the Artist name! Instead, the title names change to the word "%artist%" itself!! Surely this is quite foolish?! It takes a user quite some time to get used to Action Groups.