Simple request -- append one field to another

I've searched Help, FAQ, and Forums but can't find an answer that applies to the current version (on Mac). How do I update one field, e.g., TITLE by appending another, e.g., TAG? I tried creating an Action using RegExp but it did nothing.

All suggestions appreciated.

Try an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: %title% %tag%

Something similar has been described in the HowTos:

Thanks. I had tried to do that but I must have made a mistake. It works now. Part of my confusion was that there is no "Format value" action but there is a "Format tag field" which ought to have been a better clue for me!

In that case it would be best if you stated in your support requests the platform that you use or use the Mac part of the forum straight away.
Without these pieces of information it is assumed that you want support for the Windows version.

Yes, I agree it’s best to identify the platform. I did that in the text but in future I’ll put it in the title.

For some unreproduceable reason I overread

Sorry for the nagging.
What I would ask instead would be to use the Mac forum section right away which would be

Good advice. I will definitely do that in future. However, the app is so good I rarely have any questions!

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