Simple syntax issues on If statement

Hi I cant seem to format this simple statement correctly.
I want to look if the movie filename contains a string 'Rifftrax' and if it does then I would like to add it to existing album (collections) as an additional album. %album%/Rifftrax.

I am not understanding the if statement correctly when it comes to contain.

I have been working of this syntaxes I found but can't get it working.

My current try (not working)
I am using:
Format value
Field: ALBUM
Format String: $if($has($strstr(%_filename%,$Rifftrax)),%album%/Rifftrax,%album%)

Please help.

is no MP3tag statement/function.

And what could


I use Filebot to format and make my filenames, and rifftrax is an audio track or a commentary track. If i could get one working if statement that looks for any occurance not case sensative of a value in a field I should be good.

I got it from this page. Filter and Search – Mp3tag Documentation

this portion.


  • If <field> or <string> contains spaces, it should be enclosed in double quotation marks, e.g., artist IS "Hidden Orchestra".
  • If <field> in HAS/IS/GREATER/LESS/EQUAL/MATCHES contains $ or % it should be enclosed in double quotation marks and will be treated as a format string instead of a tag field name. This will decrease search speed on large libraries since the format strings need to be evaluated before filtering.
  • It is not possible to filter by strings containing double quotations marks. This is a limitation of the feature.
  • To filter for fields containing double quotation marks, use "$ifgreater($strstr(%field%,$char(34)),0,yes,no)" IS yes or
    field MATCHES \"
  • All operations are non-case sensitive. All filter keywords must be uppercase.


The filter syntax has nothing (or not a lot) to do with the scripting functions. And even if you could use it, then the pure filter syntax would be HAS (all capitals, no $).

Did you try my suggestion? What was the result?

Thanks very much it works just 100% now.

I had it exactly like this at one point and it was so close but I removed the .upper because I was struggling and not sure what the syntax must really be, i was guessing and when it compared it with my upper RIFFTRAX it did not work and I thought I just had the syntax wrong so I kept changing things. I want to upper filename and then compare to upper RIFFTRAX to make sure they are all cought.

It really helps when someone really knows what the syntax should really be. The syntax word greater also sounded incorrect to me, I was looking for another operator.

$ifgreater($strstr(%_filename%,RIFFTRAX),0,%album%/Rifftrax,%album%). (my one that did not work because of case)

I think this one will work fine for me.


Thanks you so much for quickly responding and helping me.

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