simpler way to add album cover


Often i will have an album and all I need is the cover. I get the cover from Amazon but here is where it gets tricky. I want the cover but do not want the Amazon tagging- so I right click the cover, extract, then (careful to not click ok but CANCEL instead) go to album cover on left and right click to add- select the cover and save.

Would be nice if somehow there were a simpler way- thanks!


Use "Tag sources > Cover Art > Amazon"

if the coverart search dosn't reap usefull pics and you have to search manually ->

I would use firefox for your coverart searches, you can simpliy drag'n drop the picture to your selected tracks in mp3tag.

this dosn't work with ie6, there I have to save the picture first.


no that still brings up the "adjust tag information" dialog

the issue is not that I don't get useful results- it is that once you get them you have to do extra steps to prevent messing up the existing tags. I have no problem searching the net for covers if I need them.

It only tags the cover. No other tags are changed.