Simplest question before starting


Please forgive me I know this is silly but I am a new user.

I have a small player that I only use when I travel to accompany me through the boredom of airport waiting. That being said I do not sync my player since I added music to its full capacity when it was new and I don't have space to add more and also I am satisfied with what's in it so I don't need to erase anything. I transfered the music using the MSC mode having the player just as another storage disk.

I have some files that I would like to change their tags so my question is Can the MP3tag work directly on the player instead than on the computer so that you don't have to sync after finishing the editing? If so what mode (MSC or MTP) should be used?


If it can be attached to the computer so that it just looks like another storage device, then Mp3tag should be able to do it. If this is a Windows computer, can you browse the contents of the player in Windows Explorer? If so, it should work.


I connected the player (Sandisk e250) using MTP and the Mp3tag application can see the folder named Sansa e250, but when i try to change the name of the folder where the Mp3tag should work, it gives me the message "The name of the folder is not valid"

Any ideas?


From a quick Google search, it looks like you want MSC (Mass Storage Class/Controller/Compliant) mode.


Too late. Since it wasn't working, I fixed the files on my computer, formatted the player and re-transferred the songs to it.

Thanks anyway, I'll have in mind once I've got my expansion card and start loading music to the player again.