Simplest way to change to ID3V1 tag

Hello Everybody,

I'm new to MP3 tagging and looking for an easy way to change the tag id.
My car can play MP3's only with the ID3V1 tag.
A lot of MP3's that i have are ID3v2 or v3 and these will block my Media Player and stops playing
I've searched this forum but do not know where to start.
Does anyone knows what the best way is to convert the ID tags to ID3v1?

Thanks in advance,


So you also want to remove any ID3v2 tags (there are no v3 tags), correct?* If so:

Go to Options (F8) > Tags > Mpeg.

Set the Read options so that the following are checked:

  • ID3v1
  • ID3v2
  • APEv2 (optional, but recommended)

Set the Write optiosn so that only the following is checked:

  • ID3v1

Set the Remove options so that the following are checked:

  • ID3v2
  • APEv2

Then load your files, highlight them and

  1. Press the Save button. This will create ID3v1 tags where they were missing and copy ID3v2 data to them.
  2. Press the 'Remove tag' button (red X). This will delete the ID3v2 (and APEv2) tag.
    Or Ctrl+S, Ctrl+R.

* If you want to KEEP your ID3v2 tags, it's a totally different setup in the options. It's important to know which you want to do before you start, because you will lose data from the above procedure. You will lose any extended fields such as Composer, Album Artist, ReplayGain and many others, because ID3v1 only supports very few fields. You will also have track titles truncated because ID3v1 supports a maximum of 30 characters in titles and album and artist names.

If keeping any of that data is important to you, such as for use on your home computer audio system, I would recommend copying the whole library and maintaining a separate library with only ID3v1 tags to be used on your car player. Your next car player won't be as dumb.

As reverting to V1 tags may maean a loss of information (e.g. albumartist, cover and language are not part of the V1 tags) it is advisable to create a separate set of files to be played on the car player.
In MP3tag:
Open Options>Mpeg
Set write to V1 only.
Set read and delete to V1 & V2
Close the dialogue.
Read in all the files that shall be played on the car player.
Select all.
Right click on the list, select "Cut tag". This may take a while.
Immediately afterwards right click again and select "Paste tags". This may take a while.
You can check the success in the file list if you have a column that shows the tags and the contents "%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]"
As V1 tags are stored at the end of a file, (parts of) V2 tags at the beginning, the file has to be re-written.