Simplified Chinese - 简体中文

Translators: @Phishion @elepover

Status: available from v1.0.4

This topic is all about the Simplified Chinese of Mp3tag for Mac.

If you'd like to help translate Mp3tag to Simplified Chinese or if you spot a mistake, have suggestions, or comments, please leave your reply here.


The Chinese translation of "Simplified Chinese" should be "简体中文", not "简体字"

Wow! That was super-fast and I very much appreciate your help. Thank you!

Thanks for pointing out the translation mistake regarding Simplified Chinese, I've corrected that.

And if anyone wants to join and do a little cross-checking, please feel free to reply.

Would like to help here! My crowdin account name is the same as my mp3tag community user name here.

Excellent! I've just invited you to join the project.

Thank you!

I've just released v1.0.4 with the new localization :partying_face:

@Phishion and @elepover, many thanks for your help!

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