Simplified export/import process and Bit Depth column requests ;)

Hi Florian,
Just been through new Mac purchase/setup and DEF felt mp3tag would be an even better experience if there was a total settings export/import feature.
Also just realised there's no bit depth column ie 16, 24bit and that would be really useful as we move to more lossless codecs and cheaper storage and save me guessing by looking at the bitrate.

Thanks though, still use your app every day.

Here is the documentation about how to customize the file list:

which means that you can add a corresponding column yourself.

You find the available placeholders also in the documentation:

It's probably %_samplerate% or %_bitspersample%

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Do you mean from one Mac to the other? It's on my list — thanks for your feedback. And regarding the new Mac purchase, just to be sure: you can use Mp3tag on as many of your Macs as you like.

It's %_bitspersample% which was missing from the documentation and I've added it now,

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Thanks ohrenkino and Florian for adding the string!

I couldn't get the bitdepth to reflect in the tag panel (which is fine), but success in the file list!
And yes, Mac > Mac.

Yes, such technical information fields begin with an underscore %_ and are read-only. They are available in the File List, but not in the Tag Panel.

Great, File List only works for me, glad I wasn't missing anything.

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