Simultaneous multiple tag source check?



It would save a lot of time if it were possible to check multiple tag sources simultaneously, and then I could just pick and choose the best track listing, album art etc.

Currently I have to check each source individually and try to remember what the results were for each, and then go back and pick that one. Of course sometimes this is even more complicated when the results are varied across the different sources.


I know this can be annoying especially with older albums which have been released in ten different versions. But that's how it is. There is no way with the current programm to check different sources at one go.


Sure, this was just a suggestion for a future feature. I wondered how many others would like it.


puddletag does this, right down to allowing you to specify which tags to take from which tag sources.


Looks good - but AFAICT it's a Linux app and I'm on Windows ...


Have a look on hydrogenaudio forum, there's a post in the general thread from a user that got it up on Windows


That may well be, but I've not got the time to trial things like that if it's not specifically designed or been tested for Windows. Also I'm happy to stay with mp3tag since that is what I'm comfortable with and it performs most tasks well enough for me (and much better than several other apps I've tried).

Simultaneous tagging would be nice though. :wink:


Agreed, as far as Windows is concerned it's the gold standard of taggers.