Since installing 2.44 cannot connect to any tag server

Since upgrading to 2.44 a few days ago, I get "Error connecting to server" msg for MusicBrainz, Amazon, and freedb. Discogs, too. Also Discogs only asks for Artist, so how would that work when I have an album name, but, say, no artist, or "Various" for artist?

I made no changes in firewall settings or security since upgrading, and my internet connection is, other than this, working correclty.

Any ideas?


You can try the development Version.
Does "Help > Check for new version" work?

A discogs album search script is available from here.

When I click "Help > Check for new version" absolutely nothing happens - as if I didn't click it. Haven't gotten to rest of suggestions yet.


Maybe you should review all your firewall / security settings. It seems Mp3tag can't connect at all.

You're right, other pgms can't get to tags online either. But I've tuned off Windowa firewall and uninstalled norton anad still no connection to server. On my little home network there is an XP computer. Whe I ran the new version of MP3Tag, there was a dialog box that said Mp3tag was connecting to the internet and asked me to allow, allow once, or disallow. I allowed and Mp3Tg works fine on that computer.

The computer which acts as my music server runs Vista (the one where I really need MP3tag, did't give me that option. I have gone through the network/internet settings and don't see anything that looks like a problem. I have added MP3Tag as a Firewall Exception and have in any case set Windows Firewall to Off but no luck. Can you suggest which setting I should be looking to change?

Thanks in advance,