Single clicking on tracks selects them; unable to de-select

Pardon the confusing title, I'll explain better here. I updated to the latest version today, but now when I'm working with the files within mp3tag, I'm seeing a frustrating bug. If I accidentally double click on a track within the application, it will highlight it. But single-clicking or double-clicking on the same track does not de-select it. And if I click over to another track, it just highlights that one as well. There doesn't seem to be any way I can de-select these tracks other than closing the application and reopening it.

This is very frustrating, as it tries to force me to do everything in batch now, and I just want to work with individual files. Or at least, have the ability to choose if I want individual or batch.

Which version is that?

I use V3.22c and cannot reprduce any of that what you describe:
A single left-clck selects a single file.
A double left-click starts the default player.

You are right:

and I think, it never did. If I test that e.g. in the Windows Explorer, then I cannot de-select a file with repeated clicks on that file.

So you would have to find out whether that behaviour can also be seen in other applications.
Have you set the mouse settings so that click-lock is activated?

To deselect a single selected track in 3.22c, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the selection.

To deselect all selected tracks in 3.22c, press shortcut Ctrl+U or choose Unselect All from the Edit menu.

Running version 3.22b.
Double clicking a file starts a behavior like I'm holding "Ctrl" down. From that point on, any file I click on selects them as though I'm holding the Ctrl key. After about 8 seconds, my default player opens up and begins to play the first track I double clicked on.

This actually solved my issue by allowing me to deselect. However, I still see the irregularity if I open Mp3Tag new, and double click on one of the files. But now at least I know how to undo it without having to close and reopen the application.

Thank you.

I would assume that this is the loading time for the player.
Double-clicking opens the default player unless you have defined a special program. There is nothing new about that.

The continued selection looks like something local perhaps as setting of the mouse driver properties.
How do other programs behave, e.g. the Windows explorer?

You are quite welcome, Melchior.

As Ohrenkino mentioned:
"Double-clicking opens the default player unless you have defined a special program."

I dislike having double-click play files because it is too easy to invoke accidentally. So I disable that in Options>Tools by choosing "No action" from the drop-down list. You might try that option to see if it helps with your issue.

There are other ways to play selected file(s):

Press the F4 function key
— OR —
Right-click on a selection to open the context menu. Then choose Play.

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