Single disc album, discnumber or not?

Hi there, first post here, so hope im in the right place.
I'm tagging some music and and was wondering, what are peoples approaches to tagging discnumber on single disc albums? Is it neccesary? Some of my tags include discnumber for single disc albums and some dont, so im torn as to if i should go and tag all those albums that are missing disc number with a 1/1 or delete the 1/1 from single disc albums which contain the field?

For many data processing programs it is not possible to search for something that does not exist.
Also, if DISCNUMBER is empty, the field will not be written. Which then again may lead to a behaviour where a search for "no discnumber" will lead to astonishing results.
Once you think that the reference to DISCNUMBER is useful you should use it everywhere.

The filter
%discnumber% IS ""

will show you all the files where DISCNUMBER has not yet been set.

So to clarify, i should be using discnumber even on single disc albums?
Iv'e just read his article: , which seem a bit contradictory?
Also, could is use this to fill those empty fields? $if2(%DISCNUMBER%,'1/1')

The only things that having a disc number can do are:

  1. Tell a program how to order the tracks on a multi-disc album.
  2. Allow a program to play a particular disc from a multi-disc album.

For single disc albums it's unnecessary. Tracks are correctly ordered by track number. It's only necessary on multi-disc albums where you number the tracks 1..n on each disc.

I use Squeezebox Server (now LMS) which, when you tell it to include the disc number in a track listing, will display track numbers preceded by the disc number, as in 1-01, 1-02, 1-03 ... 2-01, 2-02, 2-03 etc. This is fine for multidisc sets, but for single disc sets I don't want to see the disc number. The only way to avoid this with LMS is to remove (or not add) a DISCNUMBER field. For many programs it won't make any difference whether or not you include it.

As I said: you have to make up your mind - it is mainly your decision.
As there is hardly any player that uses the discnumber you would have to think of other means to keep the multi-disc-approach - e.g. multiply discnumber by 100 and add tracknumber, so that track 1 of disc 1 becomes 101.
This would then mix up things for those albums that really come on a single medium if they are numbered below 100 ...

In general (in my opinion): the discnumber is a relict from the old days of CDs and their limitations in storage space.

if you want to switch from "no discnumber" to "with discnumber" I would still advise to use the filter first to check if you got the correct data. And then it may be easier to use the extended tags dialogue instead of an action with $if.

I use disknumber ONLY with multidisk albums. Otherwise I leave that field blank. Works well with LMS, with foobar2000, and with itunes (on lossy mp3 copies created from my FLAC files).

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

Thats what i thought.

I'm kinda wondering how to go about this. I want to remove tags such as 1/1, however some are named 1, so its how i filter out fields that are 1, not followed by a 2.
Perhaps it would be easier to fill all fields that are 1 with 1/1, then remove tags that are 1/1. The problem with this is how do i know if discnumber 1 is going to be followed by a 2?

Does that make sense, re-read what i wrote and dont know if i explained it very well.

MP3tag does not compare files. So unless you have an indicator somewhere else (e.g. DISK 1 or something similar in the folder name) you will not be able to find the false "1s".
Also, there is no numbering wizard to number discs (there is one to number tracks).
In short: wihtout any external indicators you would have to do it manually.

Ah i see...hmm, trying to come up with the most efficient way of doing this without sifting through each individual album..
Quick question, is it possible to change discnumbers that say 1 and 2 that are part of the same album to 1/2 and 2/2, if they are part of the same album?
for example, i have an album called SH4 (which is the same across both discs) however in the albums discnumber field it says 1 then 2. So my question is would it be possible to convert these in to 1/2 and 2/2 because they have the same album title?

As I said: Mp3tag does not know anything about the next or the previous file and its data. So, while dealing with files that have a 1 in DISCNUMBER Mp3tag does not look ahead and see that this changes to 2 somewhere.
I am afraid that you have to set the limits between the discs yourself and see how many discs you want to mention.
The "same album" criterion does not butch as there is no comparison between files.

Right i understand, thanks for the advice.
Think ive thought of a way to make it slightly easier than sifitng through all the files. Not sure if this is a similar question to what i have already asked, but here goes. What if i simply wanted to convert the format of discnumber from 1 and 2 to 1/2 and 2/2 - is that possible? guessing i would have to specify how many discs there are overall?

Yes, that is right.
BUT: you could create (at least) 2 actions:
One that suits 2-disc-sets,
the other that suits 3-disc-sets
(this should cover the majority of cases).

Create an action of the type "Format value" for DISCNUMBER
Enter as format string:
for the action for 2-disc-sets and
in the other action for 3-disc-sets.

Thats excellent, so now i can use these to go through and make sure multi-disc albums are formatted in this way. Then, filter out %DISCNUMBER% IS "1" and "1/1 and remove tags. This should work, right?

do not forget the closing " after "1/1 -> "1/1" :wink:
But otherwise: yes, that should work.

yay! thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

You lost me there?? lol
Ahh got ya :slight_smile: thanks

For single disc, i dun put disc numbers. In fact, i actively removed it if i see it tagged

For multiple disc, i used 01/02 for cd1 of cd2 and 02/02 for cd2 of cd2. I then use it fir naming my files.. 01_01 title etc

Explained here : how to manage multi disc

Win Mp3tag > MAC XLD
XLD dev answer:
mp3tag writes X/Y style tag to DISCNUMBER filed, but this is not a standard for vorbiscomment. Y value should be written to DISCTOTAL or TOTALDISCS field.

mp3tag writes discnumber tag to DISCNUMBER filed, but this is not a standard for ape tag. The disc number tag should be written to DISC field.


The vorbis field that has become more standard in recent years for the total number of discs is DISCTOTAL, although in practice it has very little use.

The initial issue of removing the discnumber field if it is: 1/1 can be done simply enough:

Format String: $if($eql(%DISCNUMBER%,1/1),,%DISCNUMBER%)

Which says: If the discnumber field equals "1/1", then set the discnumber field to be blank. If the discnumber field is anything else, then leave it alone.

(Yes, I realize these are old posts, but they are still very informative and come up in searches).