Single song identification from Internet

Single song or even part of it identification from Internet.

Is there any methods how to find mp3 or any other format track name from Internet?
Can mp3 tag find track name?

I believe, that iTunes has such function, when song is playing, the track name is fetched and displayed from Internet. But is it true?

I'd like to know more about these song identification techniques, if these exist of course :slight_smile:
Any keywords for Google?


I am not quite sure what you mean:
You have simply a file and want a sort of player that identifies it and adds the tag data?
Or do you already have (some of the) tags and want to complete the data?
Or do you have identifying data in the filenames and want to transfer it to the tags?

While being a long time mp3tag user, I just wanted to use mp3tag capability to recognize the track name and of course to add the mp3 tag.
But first I need to get the name of the single unknown track on unlabelled CDR.
Someone has told me, that when he listened to this track .... iTunes offered a name to it in Japanese language. That means, that there possibly exist applications capable to get single track name from Internet.
Perhaps tracks are sampled somehow to get unique numerical index for each track?
But then where and who owns the database?

The only program that maybe can do this is MusicBrainz Picard and never heard that iTunes is capable of doing that.

iTunes is capable of downloading Cover Art, for tracks that have tags filled in, and is also capable of getting track names from the internet. But not with unknown tracks on unlabelled CD's with no identifcation or Tags.

iTunes uses this

And perhaps as a new application "echoprint" which has been discussed in the German part of the forum: