Single Tag showing with multiselect


I was multi-selecting some files in v2.23s today with gaps (I wouldn't have had to if the track sorting routine made a distinction between blanks and zeros. They are definitely not equivalent!) and found that sometimes my fields went to a single tag without losing the multiselect and at other times behaved normally. The fields go to a single tag of the last item selected upon selecting in the track field and the multi-select remains. I thought I would report it since you have been working on some routines in the grid.

P.S. I should add that the behavior occurs only when the last select opens a field in the grid. That seems to occur with a slow double-click. In any case opening a field in the grid seems to be incompatible with a multi-select. The solution as I see is it that a click should not be able to open a field if the shift or CTRL key is down.


I've disabled edit mode when Shift or Ctrl keys are pressed with the latest Development Build.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thank you, Florian! I'm still wondering about the 00= sorting behavior in the track number field that didn't allow me to isolate the zeroes I wanted to blank in the first place. The app that I'm using that demands blanks to suppress track display is Winamp v5.03 in

/General Preferences/Titles/Advanced Title Formatting/

Is there any way to fix the sort to separate the from the zero?