Size of fields in tag panel too large

Can I alter the size of the tags? Some are too large for the data they hold. ie. cover.
They can be altered on the the go, but I would like a permenant fix.

If the cover is too big, you have to export it and replace it with a smaller one.

Hi there,
Thanks for responding. The cover size is not the problem, I can handle that.
It is the size of the tag file at the top of the screen, it is a bit too large for a single digit field.
It could also be track or year that are too large.

Thanks anyway.


You can adapt the size of each input field in the tag panel ranging from "big" to "smaller" and "multi-line".
Right-click in the tag panel and select "Adapt ..." and then edit each input field with the wrong size.

Hi there,

Ok thanks for that. I will see if that works ok.