Slashes in Title create new directory

Hi... If there is a slash in the Title and you run Tag - Filename a new directory is created.

For example:

Title: It's a Sin / I Will Survive (Live in Rio 1994) [2021 Remaster]

02-07 - It's a Sin ----> I Will Survive (Live in Rio 1994) [2021 Remaster].m4a

The tag to filename format string is set to this:
/Volumes/Music/flac/%ALBUMARTIST%/%ALBUM% (%YEAR%)/$ifgreater(%TOTALDISCS%,1,$num(%DISCNUMBER%,2)-,)$num(%TRACK%,2) - %TITLE%

Is there a way to have it not create a directory when it renames the files?


Please see the Documentation about Mac features.

Create Folder Structures based on Tags

When you're using a slash character / in a format string, Mp3tag creates a folder from the part of the format string in front of a slash.

You can enable the configuration setting Preferences → General → Replace invalid NTFS characters to let Mp3tag replace them automatically when renaming.

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