Slow start up, dos flashes

I just installed windows 7 home premium 64 bit and I noticed that it loads up a lot slower than vista. Also before loading, 2 command prompt windows pop up quickly then disappear.

Could you specify how you think that MP3Tag influences this behaviour?

I didn't say it influenced anything. I just wanted to know why this would happen?

Two things: don't you it is a bit strange to enter just about any forum on the way and ask a more or less unrelated question?
If you are really interested in a serious answer either enter a dedicated forum for Windows problems or elaborate a lot more about your system like start-up entries, messages, installed drivers. On second thought: don't elaborate.
Or is there anybody out there who really wants to deal with this topic in this forum?

Maybe we also have a slight misunderstanding here: PlasmaShock, are you referring to Windows 7 or to Mp3tag in your initial post?

If the latter is the case, please proceed and try to provide further details. If it's related to Windows 7 you wouldn't mind if I move this post to the Off-Topic forums.

I made a mistake. Also you don't have to be rude about it.

The problem was actually with a program called Exact Audio Copy. Because I use mp3tag frequently as a convient tool to tag albums that I rip, I got the forums mixed up when I should have posted this on the EAC forums.

I appologize to florian if I have caused any confusion.

Thanks for clarifying and talking back.

Kind regards,