Slow tag reading over SMB


Sometimes i have this crazy idea to scan my whole music library to check for unfitting genres.
This worked quite well when i hade the whole thing local on my computer, but as my music keeps increasing and i like to listen music on my phone and tablet i've started to migrate the library to my NAS.

The library is over 10'000 files in 800 folders with a size of 86Gb
So it certainly does take a while to scan.
But the NAS can copy to my computer with ca 40MByte/sec so after 37 Minutes the whole library is copied over.
If i Scan the whole Folder it shows 7969 Tags and takes about 40 Minutes to scan the whole library.

I always tought mp3Tag does not have to read the whole file but only the TAG at the beggining of the file and therefore would be way faster?


Nice maths, by the way.
Just one additional piece of information: V1-tags are stored at the end. So if you use both, it could be that this is the reason.