Slowly getting to grips with scripting, but.......


Ok, so I've sussed the scripting constructs that can be used with the Tag to Filename function, but now I guess I need to get into the whole 'Actions' thing. Is there, ANYWHERE, a fuller guide to how to set these up other than the basic help pages? I've got copies of the TAGZ syntax from various websites, so I'm happy with knowing what I CAN use, but HOW do I start creating an action, and then how do I use it? I've noticed all the Regular expression examples on these forum pages, but exactly how do I use these?

If I've missed something obvious then I'm sorry for appearing thick! It's just that I have a few mp3 tag obstacles that I want to overcome, and I'm SURE there's a way to solve them in MP3TAG, I just need some guidance with the basic operations of the Actions feature. eg, what's the difference between Quick Actions and the Action Groups dialog?

If someone can take the time to answer me with a basic guide, I'll be a very happy bunny!



Well, to be honest, I think the help is good enough. Also, the names of the actions themselves are pretty much self-explanatory. If you take the RegEx replace action type for example, you have to decide which field should be affected by the change, you have to enter a string that will be searched for - the RegEx itself, and a replace string. Other actions are similar. In almost all cases, you have to select the target field and a format string.

If you should come across a problem and don't know how to do this or that, we're here to help.


OK, obviously I'm not looking hard enough! I'm sorry if it seemed I was dissing your help pages :wink:

I'll crack on, and get there eventually!