Smart Playlists

I've been using the program for a week or two now and find that it's exactly what I've been needing, so a big THANKS!

The one thing I haven't been able to accomplish (easily), though, is the creation and maintenance of iTunes-style 'Smart Playlists'. So far I'm doing this by hand: I set various Filter expression to select the files that I want and then generate a playlist for each one. This works OK, but I'd like to automate as much of this as possible. Ideally it would all happen unattended and completely autonomously. But any/all of the following would help. I suspect that some of them may be possible but so far my searches haven't turned up the answers:

Saving/importing my (rather complex) filter expressions. Right now I rely on finding them within the filter history.

Setting a default location for the playlist to be written rather than navigating to my dedicated output folder each time.

Perhaps what I'm really asking for is a 'Generate Playlist' action?

Thanks again.

You could use the Export (Ctrl+E) to create the playlists. You can combine all exports in one action so all playlists are created at once. But it is probably slower.
You need to select all files before you run the export/action.

Here's a simple example for a playlist that only contains tracks with year=2009

$filename(Year 2009.m3u,ansi)$loop(a)$if($eql(%year%,2009),#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%','$if2(%artist% - %title%,%_filename_ext%)

Thank you - I'll experiment with this option, which looks as if it may, indeed, make things somewhat easier.

Hi, How about script for an auto smart playlist that can select songs by an artist name appear in any field?

Thanks in advance.

No script required.
You simply type in the artist name as filter and then generate a playlist from all files.

Thanks. That is fine when you want to create a playlist once. But I am looking for a smart playlist script which can auto sort the songs to make a portable independent playlist.

Aren't automatic playlists always in a propietary format?
Or do you have a template?
I see that automatic playlists in WMP are in some kind of XML format while Foobar's automatic playlists have some kind of more binary format.
So I doubt that there is a format for

U R absolutely correct. they are. but i tried m3u created in Mp3Tag with many other players and they worked fine including WMP and Dopamine and Poweramp in android etc.

m3u is no dynamic, automatic format but a static playlist.
And such a playlist can easily be created with a filter and the functions from the file menu.