Software Registration

I recently purchased Mp3tag and have the purchase and registration codes. The instructions for registration say to do this:

To finish registering the software:
Registration may vary depending on the program or license you have purchased.
1. To open the registration screen, look on the top menu row of the software for either "File" or , e.g., Accounts, Invoice, etc. Click this to open the menu and then click Register Software.
2. Enter your Registration Code. We recommend using copy and paste to eliminate entry errors. The code is case-sensitive.

I have found no way in any of the Menus at the top of the program that will allow me to registrar my software.

Any help appreciated.

Don't buy it!
Mp3tag is freeware.

Too late. Already paid for it. I will try to cancel PayPal and use your suggestion.

As already said, MP3tag is Freeware, but Florian loves to receive Donations (and he deserves them too :laughing: )

Please post the link of the product you bought.

Ps: Here the link to the download of this (free) Mp3tag

I have a feeling you bought some "fake" mp3tag software. Other than donations, I don't think there is even a way to purchase mp3tag with a registration code.

download mp3tag from here:

Donate here: