Software Ripper. Cdex, Freerip, what?


Software for ripper MP3

Which optimum program to have the benefits of the new versions of encoder LAME.

Which is optimum to ripper uses the benefits of the Lame versions?

Using the Cdex 1.70 beta 2, creating the direct MP3, without using command line, I lose the benefits features, bug I fix?


I'm still using Audiograbber. It's free and you can choose the version of (installed) LAME. Therefore it's up to you, which beta of LAME do you want to use. :wink:


I now switched from EAC to the recent beta of dBpowerAMP RC 12 since it seems maintained, works very well with my Plextor and LG units and is said to spot errors better than EAC.


Easy CDDA Extractor here! :slight_smile:

It's fast, reliable, reports ripping errors (if any), it's waaayy fast, etc.

If anyone knows anything better please tell me ok!

Take care! :slight_smile:


Totally outdated ! - I'm simply using always the latest version of Exact Audio Copy, because "it's good to be on the save side of life". :slight_smile:


Do you really mean 'save side' or just 'safe side'?
And why do you mean that Audiograbber is outdated?
I think it is still a full featured tool - really good everlasting piece of software development.