[Solved, recent Discourse UI change] Log out item no longer in user menu?

Just logged in today after a number of months and clicking my avatar circle in the forum header doesn't display a Log Out button anywhere I can see.

It used to be below the notifications list but the only thing there now is a downward arrow button which takes me to a dedicated page of notifications. Clicking the hamburger menu doesn't display a Log Out button either.

Anyone else experiencing this? Using the dark theme fwiw. The dedicated user profile page doesn't seem to have a Log Out item either so I'm not sure how to log out :stuck_out_tongue:

Click on the avatar circle and then in the opened menu (which has the focus on the bell) on your alias on the left.
There you will find the log out function.

Oh curious. I expected that item was a link to my user profile so didn't try it. Every Discourse forum I've been on had the Log Out button beneath the notifications list so must be a recent Discourse UI change.