[Solved] The Tags to Filename function is deleting some of my custom tags

Hello everyone!

The filenames of my music collection are a mess and I am attempting to use Mp3tag to clean them up a little :slight_smile:

The Tag - Filename function seems perfect for that, on paper!

I added some files to Mp3 tag, made a custom string - %discnumber%-$num(%track%,2) and fired it up.

The great news is that the macro works perfectly: the files now have the correct name.

The bad news is that some of the custom tags I added to the files in the past (for example, I added one to remind me where I got the files: Bandcamp, Qobuz, etc.) are stripped during the process :frowning:

Am I doing something wrong? I really don't want to lose my custom tags.

If it's of any importance, all the custom tags were added through MusicBee - in the "custom tags" field.

Thanks in advance for your help \ feedback!

In general: usally MP3tag does not remove tag fields or whole tags unless you give the command.

Have a look at the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see if you find the fields there.

If there is nothing like you expected, then see if there are APE and/or ID3 tags in the files. These might interfere with each other. And if there are APE tags, then it should be possible to save the data, too.

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Apologies for the inaccurate title - I have found the nature of the issue: these "custom tags" are entirely created and managed by MusicBee - other programs cannot sadly see them (they do not appear into the extended tags window in Mp3Tag, for example).

Apparently MusicBee has an in-built renaming tool, however, so I might still be ok.

Thanks and sorry for the inaccurate title!

If you have only few different entries in that custom tag, then if it is possible to filter or sort such a string in the player, it may be possible to create a playlist from these files which you could in return read in MP3tag and then add the custom field there.

Or you try to find out how to get your player to write the data to the tags and then process them further in MP3tag.

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