[Solved] Upper case don't show up in Windows Explorer


I tried to manually change the title of my mp3 files, making each first title word begin by an Uppercase, instead of using Case Conversion tool in mp3tag. Now, after all is done (renaming files included), the title don't display correctly in Windows Explorer. Instead of 'Say My Name' for example in mp3tag, I have '01-08- Say my name.mp3' in Windows Explorer. How to make files display correctly the Uppercases in Windows Explorer ?

I use Windows 10, version 1703 & Google Chrome 60.

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Seems to me like you what to affect the _FILENAME and not the TITLE under actions>case conversion.

Case: Mixed Case

I'm not sure what you mean, but I tried to do as you suggested, and it didn't work in Windows Explorer, under Name property.

The Name column is the filename in WinEx.

  1. Select files.
  2. Actions quick in the toolbar or alt+shift+F6
  3. Choose Case conversion
  4. Enter in: Field: _FILENAME Case: Mixed Case
  5. F5 to refresh in Windows Explorer (This was most likely your problem)

I think you have to rename the file so that it actually has a new letter somewhere like

My file.mp3
My File_.mp3
and then remove the _ to
My File.mp3
otherwise Windows does not change the filename.

This is the problem.

So create a new action like so to get around that:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp($regexp($caps(%_filename%),'^(.+?)$','removeme\E$1'),^removeme,,)

It adds a text string removeme at the start of the string and removes it to fool it into think is was renamed.

It didn't seem to work. I'm under Windows 10.

This didn't work too, although everything displayed correctly in mp3 tag but not in Windows Explorer.

Please have a look at post #5
[Solved] Upper case don't show up in Windows Explorer

You would have to create an action Group with 2 actions:
One to get the case right and add a unique character,
a second to remove that unique character again.

Format value for _FILENAME
Format string: %caps(%filename%)

Guess value for _FILENAME
Guessing pattern: %filename%

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This made me an error in the file name in mp3 tag : [ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ]. This is maybe because I use the french language ?

No, sorry my bad:

Format value for _FILENAME
Format string: %caps(%filename%)
should be

Format value for _FILENAME
Format string: $caps(%filename%)

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Thank you it worked, but I have a little problem, now at the end of the file names, there is a '_' I would like to remove. How to do so?

That was the second action for the action group:

Guess value for _FILENAME
Guessing pattern: %filename%

It put me to rename files in 'filenames.mp3' error.

Did you use _FILENAME or %_filename% as source? %_filename% would be correct.

I used FILENAME as source. It didn't remove the '' character at the end of the file names.

As I said: %_filename% would be correct.

How to remove the '_' character in the end of the file names ? Do you have a suggestion ?

Let's try something else:
As the underscore is already there, try the function Convert>Filename-Filename
Source pattern: %1_
Target pattern: %1

I have problems to make it work. The screen I have is the following :

And I cannot push the 'OK' button.