[Solved] Upper case don't show up in Windows Explorer


THANK YOU IT WORKED. One more last question : I have songs with parentheses and the first character after the first parenthese is not in Upper Case, in the file name in mp3 tag and in Windows Explorer. For example, how to make '01-17- Great Leonoptryx (bonus Track).mp3' into '01-17- Great Leonoptryx (Bonus Track).mp3' ? The same problem is for '[' in title songs and file names.


Please have a look at the help for an action of the type "Case conversion":

In this action you can define which characters indicate word boundaries.
Please note that you have to include all characters, including the space.

And then you should seriously think about a naming scheme that allows you to compose a filename from the contents of the tag fields. Like that you do not have to do all modifications twice: once to the field and also to the filename, e.g.

$num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2)- %title%


Well, I'm not sure of what to do. I used the '$num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2)- %title%' scheme to quickly rename my mp3 files from title to file names, and it worked but you didn't answer my question or I misunderstood. Because I tried and I didn't succeed. Could you be more specific ? specially when you say : "In this action you can define which characters indicate word boundaries.
Please note that you have to include all characters, including the space".


Did you have a look at the help?
Did you open the dialogue to define an action of the type "Case conversion"?
I think the context of

becomes obvious.
If you experiment a little you will find out which characters you need to get the correct amount of capitalized letters.
Usually this is the space, any kind of punctuation, any kind of opening parenthesis.


With a little of finding out by myself it finally worked, but I changed a few things by accident. I made a format value by 'TITLE, $caps(%_title%)' and guess value by 'TITLE, %title%'. It erased some informations tags in Windows Explorer. How to undo that ? And in Windows Explorer, the characters after '(' and '[' were not in Upper Case, though I made it right by Case conversion, field TITLE, mixed case, begin of word with '([-'. Could you help me undo things and with the Windows Explorer ?


OK, although the original approach was to use an action of the type "Format value" and then a guess value action (which did not work as - this is something I just learned - it does not work with file properties) we are now at a stage where you use an action of the type "Case conversion".
"Case conversion" does more or less the same thing as "Format value" with $caps() but has more dialogue elements.

So please do not use the format value and guess value action any more but only the "Case conversion" and the function "Convert>Tag-Filename" to achieve your goal.
After you have applied the action "Case conversion", keep the files selected and then use the "Convert>Tag-Filename" with
$num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2)- %title%
This should get tags and filename almost synchronous.


All I can say now, is that files are correctly displayed in mp3 tag, but not in Windows Explorer. I tried what you suggested, and no files were renamed.


This is getting weirder and weirder: first you had the correct filenames and now you don't?

I think, it is time that you reveal the data in the tag fields that you use to create the filename.


Which tag-type has been written to the file?
ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, ... ?



The filenames display correctly in mp3 tag, but not in Windows Explorer. About the character just after the first '(' and '['. I use the same of your explaination : '$num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2)- %title%' from tag > filename.


I have the following in the tag column : 'ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)' & 'ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)'.


What are the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg? Which tag versions do you read, write and delete?
(It could be that the ID3 tags and APE tags are out of sync and you see the old data).
In general: it is often better to get rid of APE tags as they can cause nothing but confusion.


Under Read, there's ID3v1 & ID3v2 that are checked ; under Write I checked ID3v1 & ID3v2 & I unchecked APEv2 (that I previously checked maybe by mistake), and there's a black point in front of ID3v2.3 UTF-16 ; under Delete, there's ID3v1 & ID3v2 that are checked.

How do I get rid of APEv2 for the files in which there's this type of tag ?


Even though some claim that saving would be enough:
In the options, tick "Delete APE"
Load the files
Filter those with APE: %_tag% HAS APE
Select the files (if there are lot of them, select smaller portions)
Cut the tags with the function of the context menu
Paste the tags with function of the context menu.
THis should get rid of the APE tags.


Read there...

... and even more ...



Thank you ohrenkino and DetlevD. With your help I could get rid of APE tags. But you didn't answer me about post #31 : How do I do to make Windows Explorer display well the first character after '(' and '[' in Upper case, even though it's perfect under mp3 tag ?


In a way I did: I suggested that you use the function Convert>Tag-Filename.
Because: if the letters have the correct case in the tags, it should be easy to use that data and create a filename from it.
Or the other way round: it is twice the amount of work to do the case conversion for the fields and then in addition also to the filename.


I'll try to do it manually. It shouldn't take so much time. Because your method isn't the right one. It doesn't apply to the Windows Explorer.


For me this is absolutely astounding: apparently on your system the function Convert>Tag-Filename does not work. So sorry, I cannot help you any more.


My bad. Actually I was looking at a search folder, which appearently had a display bug. Everything works fine. Thank you ohrenkino for your precious help.