Some advisable suggestions

Dear Florian Heidenreich:

I'm a faithful user of your excellent software. Although she is very convenient and helpful, I have some tiny suggestions to make her more powerful.

  1. Tag normalization

When I saved the tags, I was confused with the fact the tag types were not coincident. Some files still have ID3v2 tags, which are not supported by some audio player such as foobar2000. Perhaps the character decoding is the problem. But in my cell phone, it only supports ID3v2. Sometimes the cell phone regards the APETAG as some sort of error MP3 stream. It notifies me the file is incorrect.

So when I copy music files to my cell phone, first, I should fill all tags with 'save' function in MP3tag to make sure all files contain ID3v2, then I must delete ID3v1 and APE tags with 'delete' function.

My suggestion is to combine the tow functions. Normalization can be define as to rewrite all tags with same types, same encoding method.

  1. Fetch cover arts automatically

To save disk space, I save the cover art to the some directory, and then foobar2000 provides a plug-in (foo_uie_albumart.dll) to fetch covert art from the file instead of the music tag. When I copy the music files to my cell phone, the cover art are not copied along with the file definitely. Even if I copy the arts, it cannot recognize the JPEG files as the cover arts.

So I have a suggestion that mp3tag can obtain cover art via some expression such as ‘F:\MP3!Album Cover\%artist% - %album%.jpg’ to save the art to file. Before write the tag, it best to resize the resolution to a specific value that user can define.

Sincerely yours.