Some ALAC files not loading... I'm at a... loss (:

I just converted some of my FLAC files to AIFF in foobar2000 and then brought the AIFF files into iTunes in OS X to encode as Apple Lossless and about 90% of the 4,000+ files load into Mp3tag just fine, but a few don't... I've tried adding the troubled files individually, isolated in their own folder, etc... nothing will get them to load so I can tidy up the tags and get rid of the iTunes metadata, etc. Now, iTunes sees the files just fine as does foobar2000 (the iTunes converted M4A/ALAC files) and I can even edit the tags in foobar, play the files, etc... but even after editing the tags in foobar, the files won't load in Mp3tag. As far as I can tell, the files in question are completely fine.

Anyone have a similar experience and know of a workaround?

Please check if you have accidently applied a filter (like a blank or a dot) that removes these files from the display.
You can check in the status bar how many files are loaded and how many are displayed. Ideally, the number of files should be the same.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, no... no filters in the search field and the number at the bottom is not the same... that's how I know it's not loading all of them. It will read something like 4218/4372.

The odd thing is... I'm also experiencing a behavior where some ALAC files will load, I'll edit the tags... all looks well, then if I load the SAME directory I just edited files in, some of them won't load and I'll look at the count and it will be off again. This issue only appears to happen with iTunes encoded ALAC files.

Sorry, there must be a filter.
Press F3 to disable the filter altogether.
Because: if MP3tag would not load the files then it would not know that there are 4372 files but that it displays only 4218 of them.