Some Basic Newbie Questions

I am trying to use MP3tag to help me get my Sansa Clip+ to display the book title instead of "Unknown" on its display. When I attach the player to my computer and try to change directory to the subdirectory of Audiobooks corresponding to the book, I get a message from MP3tag: "Invalid folder name." So I can't even get started. The folder name in question is "Rendsburg - Genesis" which is what I want to see on the Sansa display when I play the book. The subfolder consists of 12 MP3 files numbered Rendsburg - Genesis xx where xx goes from 01 to 12. There is also the minor problem that at the top of the Sansa display 8/12,...,12/12,1/12,....7/12 are shown when I go from tracks 01 to 12 but it does play them in the right order. Thanks in advance for any help.

You have to switch the player into a genuine USB mode. The MTP mode (which I think is now active) is not supported.
Or copy the files with explorer into a suitable folder on the local PC and edit the files there.
Once you get the files open, you will see what you can enter.
E.g. select all files, type the ALBUM name in the tag panel into the input box for Album, then press Ctrl-S to save.

I have the choice of running the Clip+ in MSC or MTP mode. If I run it in MSC mode I can edit the files on the player directly? Thanks.

as I said: the MTP mode is not supported.

Yes, but I asked if MSC mode was supported. When I switched the player to that mode, the error message went away and I was able to switch the directory to L:\AUDIOBOOKS. However at this point I don't see any information about the tags on the different books in that directory.

can you load the files into mp3tag?
an indicator would be that you see the filename in the files list (provided you have enabled the column for that property). Also, you should see, if you scroll to the right, what tag versions are in teh files.
Then: just as a test: you could click into a field in a column (e.g. Artist) and enter data.
If that stays, then we can continue.
E.g. if the filenames plus the folders already have data that can be recycled as e.g. album name, artist name, track number etc. we could turn to the Covert>Filename-Tag function to get the data from the filename/paths into the tags.

I have all the columns activated but nothing shows up. However, all the books were downloaded to the Clip+ using MTP so looking at them now with MSC probably doesn't show the tags. I think I have learned the lesson that the tags should be all correct before downloading to ones player. :mellow: Thank you for your help.