Some Design Ideas

How about an Option to Change Colors of the Program background. Id like to see an Option to change all three sections, Top, Left side and the center background colors to something other than blinding white. I get this idea from my youtube account as i use the black background and it works wonders on the eyes when you spend alot of time looking at it. usually when i tag music i usually have alot of albums and spend a few hours tagging. I think it would be VERY Kool to have darker colors in the background to play with. even changing text colors to go with different color backgrounds. Well i think you get the point.
Other than that I love this program I have used it Faithfully for a Long time, I think ever since it came out as i was doing music on the computer ever since it started. (I was one of the original users of the FIRST Napster LOL) downloading on a Phone line at 4.1 kbs or less. And I promise to make a donation soon. Thanks , now im off to tag a boatload of albums LOL.

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see e.g. here


ore here:

ore here: