Some Export questions

I have some questions popped out about exporting in Mp3Tag, which I hae not been able to find solution for so far.

  1. How to Append to XML file without duplicating parent nodes (looping childnode only), when exporting multiple times? Looping childnode Works fine in single export.

    $filename(RekordBox_collection.xml)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <DJ_PLAYLISTS Version="1.0.0">

    < --- APPEND HERE TRACK INFO --- >


  2. How to force overwrite export file, if it exists?

  3. How to get current date into export file?

Could someone help me out on these? :rolleyes:

  1. Any text in the export file that is no code word is output for the export.
    So, if you put that header between the filename declaration and the first $loop() statement, it will be output to the file only once.

  2. I do not know what you mean by that. Any file with the same name overwrites an existing one. You can disable messages in Tools>Options>Messages and see if that works for you.

  3. %_datetime% gives the current system time. See also the help for that:

Not quite, currently it always appends everything into same file, when exported multiple times into.

See above. I'll upload my template later, probably there is somekind of issue with it...then.

Thx for the tip, I somehow overlooked that. I do only need date, so probably just have to format it accordingly.

A code like

$filename(RekordBox_collection.txt)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<DJ_PLAYLISTS Version="1.0.0">
  <PRODUCT Name="rekordbox" Version="4.3.1" Company="Pioneer DJ"/>
  <COLLECTION Entries="%_total_files%">

leads to an output like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<DJ_PLAYLISTS Version="1.0.0">
  <PRODUCT Name="rekordbox" Version="4.3.1" Company="Pioneer DJ"/>
  <COLLECTION Entries="149">
A. F. Study II
Alone? Lonely.
Altsein als Alternative zum Altern
As If In A Dream
Bach: Präludium...


I do not see any repetition outside the $loop() statement.

Probably loop item makes the difference then, I tried to loop by filename, instead if title :rolleyes:

Still makes me wonder, when you loop by %title%, what would happen if you hit second track with same title?
AFAIK, it would skip it, hence why I chose it would be most likely unique.

And? have you replaced %title% with %_filename%? It should make no difference in repect to which part of the export file gets repeated and which doesn't.

Have to get back home first... :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind, I apparently had: "Append Data" option checked...


Anyway, thank you for pointing me to right direction.