Some feature requests

1.) Need a button on the toolbar "remove only the ID3V2 tag"

2.) Need ability to synchronize tags between files with different extensions but the same name.

For example:
all tags from file AAAAA.flac to file AAAAA.mp3
In an automatic mode, at once between many files.

3.) Possibility of export of tags from many files in text file, and then possibility them from this file back to return to that file with which they were exported.

For example:
All tags from ABC.mp3 > text file > Some time has passed > "ABC.mp3"

and option 2:
All tags from ABC.mp3 > text file > Some time has passed > choose File from the menu to which to import > ABC.mp3, or by choice.

Binding import / export can be conducted by file name.
In an automatic mode, at once between many files.

4.) Possibility to distribute files of different formats on groups, like in Windows Explorer.
In the main window of your program.

PS. This text was translated using machine translation

What do you mean with NEED? Need to know? As most of the functions are there already:

See File>Options>Mpeg
The button for this action is hidden in the "Save" button.

Copy tag(s) from one set of files and apply it to a corresponding selection. Done.

See File > Export
Converter Textfile tag which does just what you described. Only you have to keep the discipline to not rename the files ...

You can sort and filter the files by user defined criteria, e.g. the tag type.

And last but not the least: what has this topic to do with the original post of a feature request to jump to a file?

Welcome, new forum member 'a14'.
You've put together a nice wish list, it sounds as you are also a new user of Mp3tag.
In the beginning, you should consider: Mp3tag works the way it is.
With a little more experience on working with Mp3tag you will understand the workings of Mp3tag and you will become able to develop your own processes for yourself as you need it.
The range of tools and comfort can sometimes be desired, but in fact almost all the points of your wish list can be operated with Mp3tag today.
Try it out.

Note: It is not particularly helpful to hijack an old forum post!
The forum moderator should split this new wishlist into a new thread.


Button, "remove only the ID3V2 tag" should remove the ID3V2 tag regardless of the basic settings of the program.

PS. Actually, I just wanted to offer you ideas to improve your program.

Well, let's think about it ...
In the case, when you just have removed the ID3v2 tag-type, what do you notice at first?

If you did this, by setting "Mp3tag/Options/Tags/Mpeg/Remove" to ID3v1=off, APE=off, ID3v2=on, and applied the removing by using [Ctrl+R], then you may detect, that the embedded picture images are lost ... and cannot be restored by Undo.

If you did this, without any change in "Mp3tag/Options/Tags/Mpeg/Remove", only by pressing [Alt+T]-[Ctrl+A]-[Del]-[Enter], then you may detect, that all tag-fields have been deleted, but the embedded picture images are preserved.

What result do you prefer?


You know, there are many mp3 files hammered by different garbage in ID3V2 a tag which isn't necessary to me (including album art).
Also most of the inserted images inserted incorrectly or improperly compressed and for example many players don't show them (especially hardware).

By the way, it is desirable to add the ability to select an action performed when you double-click on the file with a choice of options for the "Extended tags".

Hm, if you never need the ID3v2 tag-type, then ...
... have always set the "Mp3tag/Options/Tags/Mpeg/Remove" to ID3v1=off, APE=off, ID3v2=on
... then click the "red cross" button resp. press [Ctrl+R] to remove the ID3v2 tag-type.

Hm, the consequence is that you are only working with ID3v1 tag-type or with APE tag-type or entirely with no tags?


I do not quite understand what you've said, please elaborate.


I have chosen in the settings to remove all tags.
I just wanted to be able in some MP3 files quickly remove ID3v2, without changing the basic settings of the program. (basic settings chosen = remove all tags)

In settings of the program add possibility of a choice of action at a double-clicking on the file:

  1. play the file (as it is now)
  2. show the window "Extended tags"

As far as I know a double primary click offers never a context menu of current available context functions.
The double click executes always the main set up function within the given context.

A context menu will ever be displayed only on the secondary mouse click.

Mp3tag reserves the primary double click to start an external tool, not for an internal command.

I have set the behaviour for the double click to use no tool, which is more convenient to me.
If I want to play a file, then I press [F4].
Therefore I am able to use error free the delayed primary click to activate the edit mode of any cell in list view directly.

If you want to open the dialog "Extended Tags..." while on a specific file, then click twice:

  • one secondary click to open the context menu,
  • one primary click on the specific menu entry to open the dialog.

To avoid usage of the mouse, use accelerator key [Alt+T] to open the dialog "Extended Tags...".


Please elaborate where lies the useful and obvious difference between removing only the ID3v2 tag-type against removing tag-types of both ID3 and APE together?


My wish list for Mp3tag, just off the top of my head:

  • Show and hide columns with a right-click checklist menu, like in Windows Explorer.
  • An option to 'Select all files' when Mp3tag is opened or when the directory is changed.
  • Customizable button bar. Show, hide and reorder buttons and dividers.
  • The ability to define new buttons in the button bar and to attach the buttons to tools, action groups or sets of action groups.
  • One-half and one-third width definable user fields in the Tag Panel that can be layed out side-by-side horizontally, similar to the layout of the Year/Track/Genre line.
  • An option to make the Comment field in the Tag Panel multiline.
  • ID3v2 tag editing in WAV and AIFF files.
  • Cleaned up, stricter syntax in scripting and filters. Require the use of quotes (or double quotes) around string constants and require the use of dereferencing charactorers (always %artist% when referring to the contents of the ARTIST field.
  • The ability to toggle between mapped field names and raw field names, perhaps only in the Extended Tags dialog.
  • A total reworking of the system for removing tags. I don't know exactly what would better, but the current system of defining what types of tags will be read, written and removed is awkward and unintuitive.