Some formatting requests!


Hi you all, long time no see heh! :slight_smile:

Well, first of all i'm trully sorry to bother you but i really need to know some stuff to make my actions librabry complete. So here it goes:

I have configured the track title to have upper-case in the beguining of a sentence but when it comes to specific cases like this

Title: moonraker (gridlok remix)

It's converted to this

Title: Moonraker (gridlok remix)

Is it possible to make this conversion ignoring what's inside commas?? It would be really helpful.

Is it possible to create a action to move the album folder to a specific path with some action? This helps to avoid moving manually all my files, it's just boring...

Is it possible to create some action that ables the direct download of a coverart file directly to the album folder without showing the tag results?

Well, that all for now, thanks in advance! You've been a great help so far! :slight_smile:


I see no commas in your example and the only differences between the two titles is the capital M.



If you are talking about the brackets, use something like this to turn what's inside them to lower case:

Action: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ('('.*')')
Replace matches with: $lower($1)

Hope it works since I didn't test.


Hi again!

Actually it wasn't exactly that what i was looking for...

I was looking for a tag that's able to convert my song titles to upper-case in the beguining of a sentence without changing what's inside brackets.

Sorry for the misinformation.

BTW that tag doesn't work... :frowning:

Thanks anyway, hope there's a way to solve my problem! :slight_smile:



It must be
Regular expression: ((.*))
You use \ for escaping!

It's called action not tag!

Beginning of a sentence means first letter of the tag. This does not touch anything in brackets.

Please bring a decent example or explain better what you want.


I'm trully sorry for my lousy syntax. Ok, let me try again. Here's what i want


Title: Jingle Bells (Dieselboy Remix)
Title: sillent Night (500 BPM version)
Title: I WISH you a merry Xmas (Terror MIx)

Usually i just apply the upper case in the beguining of a sentence action and get things done. But i wanted the content inside brackets to remain unchanged. What's the most simple way to achieve this result?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: