Some help to error in a ws

Sometimes i found this error in my WS:

ERROR(L202): parameter 2 missing

findinline "Lyricist" 1 1
findinline "<td width=\"100%\">" 1 1
replace "<span style="color: #00BFFF"  title="Referenced">*" ""   ---->this is the 202 line
sayuntil "</td></tr>"

the help says:
Replace S S Replaces all occurrences of the first parameter by the second parameter.

but the second parameter is there "".

must be this late hour, after a days work, but what i am missing.

I think it's due to the # for the color. From the simplistic script normalization it looks like it's outside of the quotes and the rest is treated as comment, thus, also omitting the second parameter.

I have already found a way without using the replace, now i am just curious:
Removing the #, give me the error: ERROR(L202): parameter 2 is not a string