Some lengths are wrong?

Some of the tracks in my library show the wrong length when I add that column, or when exporting to CSV.

They are mostly encoded with LAME 3.97, according to EncSpot; but I have plenty of 3.97 encoded files which don't show this error. It's what I usually use to rip CDs, in conjunction with Exact Audio Copy. Those that are wrong all seem to be shown as eight times their true length, although I haven't checked them all.

There is also one album which was encoded with LAME 3.92, and on that the tracks are shown as four times their true length.

EncSpot reports the correct lengths for all the above.

Is this a problem with my encoding set-up (which doesn't change all that often); a bug in MP3tag; or incompetence on my part somewhere else?

Good questions, but it may cost some time to evaluate all cases, especially the personal part.
Simply use foobar2000 "Utilities" functions:
"Fix VBR MP3 Header"
and possibly
"Rebuild MP3 Stream"
to repair the broken files.


LOL. My incompetence knows no bounds.

Thanks for that, and sorry for the delay in replying. My boundless incompetence apparently includes not being able to select the e-mail reply notification when posting in this forum. :rolleyes: I hadn't heard of Foobar2000 before now, but it certainly did the trick. On one album I had to rebuild the MP3 stream, but for the rest fixing the VBR header was enough.

It would be nice to know how to avoid this in the future, but at least now I have a fix if it does happen again.