Some MKV title tags can be changed some cant

I updated some MKV files to change the title tag to the same as the filename and most updated, several did not. I can use the filename to tag button or do it manually and it says the file has been updated but the it does not update the tag
I am using the latest version of mp3tag.

I have been able to update the title tag using MKVtoolNix and when I read the updated file back into mp3tag it shows the title entry as empty, but I can then use the filename-tag button to update it.

this is a workaround but is rather time consuming with a number of mkv files to do

I have been going through some more of my MKV files and some of them will update in mp3tag, but the actual title name does not update and the original title name is still in the mkv file when viewed with MKVToolNix.
when I click on the properties of the file the new title shows in the details tab, but not when it is played