Some MP3s not loading

I keep running into a problem where some MP3 files will not display in MP3Tag. For example, I will load a directory with 50 MP3s in it, and 2 of them will be missing.

The same 2 files will be missing from MP3tag's list if I refresh, reload, or even restart the application.

The files will sometimes appear properly if I remove other files from the directory. Sometimes this also results in different disappearing from the list.

If I move the missing files to a new directory, they will show up properly.

I can't find anything different with the missing MP3 files. They have the same attributes as the other files, the file names are shorter than the others, and other applications open them just fine.

It is a fairly infrequent occurrence, but it has happened enough times that it is really starting to bother me. Any guesses or help would be appreciated.

It just happened again. I think this will make the problem clearer:

  1. I loaded a directory of 68 MP3 files.
  2. MP3Tag only showed 66 files (2 files were missing).
  3. I moved the 66 files that were showing to another folder.
  4. I reloaded the folder in MP3Tag.
  5. The 2 files that were missing now show up in MP3Tag...?

do you have a filter left over?
The filter is persistent ... and sometimesyou do not see all the files because something is left over in the filter entry box...

No, thanks for the suggestion but the filter field is empty.

I noticed that 2 files are usually missing from MP3Tg's list. I think it is always 2 files that are missing, but I am not 100% certain.

If I move some other MP3s out of the directory and refresh, they usually appear in MP3Tag.

The big clue seems to be that removing other files somehow makes the missing files appear. Weird...?

Most certainly weird!
MP3tag reads in hundreds if not thousands of files without any being left out. So it must be something in your configuration.
Could you give an example which files are left out in the first run and appear in the second?

Well, pushed by another topic with assumingly same technical background, I did some tests with loading files from different folders by Ctrl-Dragging.
Incorrect total size of files

There were situations where files are not shown in the list view of Mp3tag, files that obviously cannot be dragged onto the list view. Because of some lack of time I cannot describe the whole process step by step to repeat the error situation.

For short, there might come up the list view problem, when already loaded tracks will be removed manually from the list so that they will not be shown anymore in the current view.
But these files are still in the list behind the curtain, so that a following repeated loading of these formerly removed tracks will not be successfully and they will not be shown again in the list view.


I can report the same problem here. Maybe, but i have not had the opportunity to confirm, this only happens when running Windows 7. File system security is the same for all files.

Disabling virus scanner (Avira) doesn't solve the problem...

The problem happens with v2.46b as well.

As already written, sometimes it helps to copy the files to a different folder.

I am running XP SP3.

I don't think the problem is caused by the actual files. Removing the "missing" files from the folder often results in a different pair of missing files in MP3Tag's list. And the missing files will load normally if placed in a different folder.