Some MP3s not taggable with Mp3tag

Thank you for all your hard work !

I hope you have a good & productive year ..


I use MP3Tag often.. i run a Music Blog and MP3Tag is one of the most commonly used Software on my PC .. without it.. i would waste hours upon hours tagging MP3s ..

If you would like.. i can put a banner for your site on my Blog?
Let me know..
Anything to help :slight_smile:



Hey Florian ..
i have been meaning to ask you about a glitch i have experienced quite often..
there seems to be a few MP3s that are not Taggable with MP3Tag ..
I checked all available options in Options concerning which MP3 Tags to effect..

Now the only way i can edit the Tags for these MP3s is to manually do it in Properties..
This only happens to a certain few.. maybe 1 out of 100 ..

Just wondering if you know a fix for this ..


cookiej your blog seems to be a warez site which is not allowed here.
Please don't post any links to it!

I've split your post from the announcement since it also contains a support question and the announcement forum is meant for: announcements :slight_smile:

Regarding your issue, you could check whether the file has an APEv2 tag or make sure that you're only reading ID3v2 (see Options > Tags > Mpeg).

Besides from that, it's really hard to guess with such little information.

thanks for the reply..
i will try what you have mentioned the next time i run into those types..
like i said.. it is only a handfull of times that i have experienced this glitch..

as for the Warez site..
yes.. there are a few Warez items on my Blog..
thanks for the warning and not just deleting my post..

i wont mention it on here anymore ..

But i will still suport MP3 Tag in anyway i can..
aside from money.. as i don't have any..
but i'll mention/advertise MP3Tag at every opportunity i am presented with..