Some MP3tag Love - From a Linux user

I know, this isn't a question, or a technical problem, it's a 'thank you' post.

I'd been using MP3tag for quite some time when i just ran Windows, but about 5/6 months back i switched to Ubuntu (love it, but that's not the point of this post), and sadly, there are no plans for a native Linux version, but that's OK. MP3tag runs just fine under Wine.

I'd have hated to not have MP3tag available to me.
There are many great tagging apps out there, but none have come close to matching Mp3tag.

Keep it up!

Agreed mp3tag is fantastic, but unfortunately it has limitations running under Linux including: inability to rename folders, inability to handle case sensitivity in filenames and path lengths limited to windows file system restrictions. Do yourself a favour and try puddletag. It's very intuitive to use if you're familiar with mp3tag, offers most of the same functionality (with some enhancements), is native to Linux and OS X and avoids the limitations of running mp3tag under Wine.

Thanks, i'll have a look at that :slight_smile:

Oooh, nice find.
I was just about to ask a question about regexes and restoring damage MediaMonkey has inflicted upon my collection, but I'll try this one out first, now.

this got me to thinking:
Maybe the Mp3Tag Forum itself could start a category; support group for we recovering MediaMonkey users.

It's always something, isn't it? [messing up the d*mn music collection!...]
but /thank [Florian]/ for Mp3Tag!

sorry for the rambling, but-- sensing that commonality; feeling empathy as i read it-- i just had to comment about the MediaMonkey User Recovery program / support group / category...

Perhaps a Category, titled: “Victims of senseless [insert_name_of_app] media library vandalism”... some such. However, it may be redundant: I suppose, the whole forum; mp3tag.exe in general exists for this purpose, eh?

(sorry. i know i ramble.)