some of the mp3s don't show the tag fields in explorer

i have some 84 mp3s in a folder. mp3tag shows the tag fields correctly such as title, artist, and album. but in explorer, only the filename is shown. what may be the problem? they are like other files in the folder in respect of audio properties. thanks

Do these help?

For Win 7

For xp

Look at the files with Mp3tag and make sure you have the Tag Column showing. This will show you which types of tags are on the files. If you only have ID3v2.4 tags they won't show up in Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer and WMP will recognize ID3v2.3 tags but not ID3v2.4. However if you also have ID3v1 tags Windows will read those to get the data.

You can use Mp3tag to change ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3 by just saving them. Make sure under Options > Tags > Mpeg, under "Write" you have ID3v2 checked and underneath it ID3v2.3 UTF-16 (the default).

i have checked all my mp3s and found that all have id3v2.3 tags.
i have done as per the instructions added fields by right clicking on the title and add fields in explorer but with no success.

Try scanning your files with MP3 Diags to see if there are any problems with the tags.

You can get it here:

Click on "Windows 32bit installer".

+1 for the MP3Diags recommendation. I've had MP3s brought back to life by MP3Diags after being corrupted in some way.

MP3Diags also has a tagger, but it's no where near as powerful or full-featured as MP3Tag. Indeed, it'd be nice to see some of the diagnostic features of MP3Diags incorporated into MP3Tag...

i installed the soft and scanned the mp3s. it says the files have tag id3 v 2.3.0 and id3 v 1.0. these files have nothing special as shown by this software. i cannot make out what the mistake it has.

I have the same problem evergreen!
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