Some problems with discogs !!!

Hi guys,ok so i'va some problems with my search on discogs by the way of mp3tag,i explain:
When i try to search by artist and title i've all the time the box:sorry,no entry...,but when i go directly on the website discogs and i search the same song it find directly what i want !!!
I don't know if it's the right place to post that but i tried to search for long time now and i found nothing.
It could be nice if someone could help me on this.

i've mp3tag v2.42 and discogs_search installed .

thank you and sorry for my english.

I have updated my discogs search scripts here


The discogs search scripts stopped returning results. The search by 'Artist & Title' worked perfect before but now stopped finding anything. Even on previously found songs.
Nothing to the script or MP3Tag have changed on my PC.
Tried reinstalling everything without luck. My version is 2.42c with the latest scripts. (timeout:60)
The only discogs scripts returning results are: search by ID and the standard discogs script included in the program installation.

Did anyone have the same problem? How did you fix it?

Brgds, Pieter

I fixed the script, new download is in my thread.

Thanks Dano, working perfectly again.
Love MP3Tag !!