Some questions about fetching extra info (scripts?)

I decided to post this here instead of in the support area because I don't really have a problem with mp3tag as such :slight_smile: if it is the wrong section then please move it.

The thing is, I use mp3tag for all my tagging needs - the actions and everything. I try to maintain my library and keep it "proper" - and for this, mp3tag is the best program ever.

But, there are a few things that I have to do manually for my (ever growing) library because I havent found a way to do this in mp3tag yet:

  • Automatically embed the album artwork for all tracks
  • Automatically embed lyrics into all the tracks
  • Automatically embed artist image into all tracks

Album artwork I can batch-fetch from the media player "Songbird" but it is a cumbersome extra step with very low quality control and I can't control the tagging scheme in it either. Same goes with lyrics. Artist images is a no-go everywhere I turn (despite having user voted, artist images wide open with no registration needed)

So what i'm asking is:

  1. Can I somehow fetch album artworks from within mp3tag with some sort of preview/quality control?

  2. Can I somehow within mp3tag fetch lyrics to all my ~50000 tracks in a batch operation?

  3. Can I somehow within mp3tag fetch artist images for all my ~50000 tracks in a batch operation from (for example)

I have seen the threads here on artwork fetch and lyrics fetch but they all seem to be "one track at a time" or "one album at a time" which is fine for new music but not for updating my library :slight_smile: thanks for any answer!

anyone? :slight_smile:

all web scirpts for mp3tag are "one album at a time"

I see. Thank you :slight_smile: