Some tags missing in Tag Panel


This is my 2nd question here, i am totally new to this software and hope to understand it.

i want to edit a mp3 file in which some tags are saved like Subtitle, Publisher, Author URL, Copyright, Conductors and Group Description.
But these tags are not shown in mp3tag editor, how to show them??


Check Tools>Extras>Tag-Panel.

There you can add further fields to the tag-panel. Use the drop-down list to select the field name.

There is no any option available Tools>Extras

i am using latest version.

There are only three options under Tools menu.

-Restore All inpt fields
-Auto numbering wizard

And? Which one of these opened a dialogue that has "tag panel" in it?
I translate that from my local version, so it could be that the translation is not always accurate.

Try Options.

Shortcut [Alt+T] ... or ... menu "Mp3tag/View/Extended Tags..."
can immediately show all curent tag-fields within the selected media file.
In this dialog you can edit tag-fields.

If you need some tag-field as a column in the list view, then configure the list view ...
use the menu "Mp3tag/View/Columns".

If you need some tag-field in the dialog "Tag-Panel" then use "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tag-Panel" to configure the Tag-Panel.