Some things to say & small suggestions&requests


  1. I cannot seem to locate 'URL' tag type in the tag panel options, what heading is it under please - thanks so far for giving users like me the chance to specify thier own tag entries_ very good feature I admire

  2. Any skins or themes - I can imagine a cool xbox green theme for this app - OK, understandly this is not the most important feature as the main functionalities and fixing existing bugs is, perhaps maybe custom skins though user choosing colours just like how user can choose tags in tag panel would be cool - again sugestion for next version

any help/feedback

Original query that I have sorted myself thanks to the forum - only stating as it may help others (and have not used any 'strikethrough')

3. Why cant mp3tag by default save all settings locally (in installed folder) rather than by the default 'application data' - it says when I backup my settings to program files "to reestablish your settings extract settings to application data" (Windows) - is it possible in the next version if you could make the settings by default reside in the same folder the exe and main files are; like most freeware porgrams - I would like this for better portability to use on my usb key - non directory, I have made a folder called settings in the program files mp3tag folder where all the files go including the .zip configurations - this is a good suggestion for the next version

Sorted - this by copying the 3 configurations 'data', 'export' and 'mp3tag.cfg' to folder on my usb, so any new settings I make it would overwirite without exisitng without writing anything to application data. It would be still good if mp3tag by default would save settings to program folder and not %appdata%

4. Again for portability can I stop the application starting from my last directory and simply have the application load with no directory plainly - Im sure I am just missign something, thank you

Sorted, I teasted on three computers and found that all I had to select was 'start from this directory' in options - somehow to better luck it no longer loads from last music directory - great

  1. WWW is the standard field for MP3s

  2. I hope not.