Some tracks are not seperated on the original cd


Ocassionally I download a track that "flows" into the next track on the artist's cd, without dead space (or a pause) ..Not sure of the terminlogy.. This is prevelent on many of Moody Blues Albums... Its like one long song. I don't own a cd that exibits this Type of production so I can't imagine what happens if i'm playing a commercially produced cd and i switch to the next track... i mean does it que up in the middle of a note ???...anyways .... I have downloaded some "Complete Album" files and they consist of the albums ripped in one continious file. Some of the albums have natural breaks in the songs and are east to section off into individual files and burn so that it will play on a cd as individual tracks that you could select from to play in a cd player. But some "complete Album" files , ripped as one file ie: most of the Moody Blues albums, do not have natural breaks between songs and cutting them up by the MGA duration for each song would only produce songs with abrupt endings. What to do?? How does the Commercially distributed CD handle this so a listener can switch from track to track?


Normallly you should have a cuesheet (*.cue) to switch between the tracks.

~ Florian


Thanks for the tip Florian... I'll search this Forum for Cue sheet and research it further... also could u please move or jus delete this post ... I posted in wrong Catagory sorry