Some tracks refuse to accept album art?


I've found that as I go through my HUGE collection of MP3 that some tracks simply refuse to allow album art to be injected into them, this occurs with both WMA and MP3 files. Sometimes if I try multiple times to add the art or even go file by file to add it that after multiple attempts it's accepted. I found this in 2.35G and after upgrading to 2.35M I'm still seeing it. I've seen the thread on creating a column to indicate album art and indeed the problem files show up as not having it. When processing the files, in groups, I can usually tell I've hit a problem file because the file will be processed noticably faster (this overa network).

Have I hit a bug or am I the only one seeing this? I can provide examples if that would be helpful.

P.S. This program is incredible and were it not so good I'd never have attempted to get art for all of my albums or tried to get the tags straight. Many thanks and kudos!


I've noticed this for WMA files too. I don't see any problems with my code, so I think it's the WMA runtime which is acting up.

I've asked for help at microsoft.public.windowsmedia.sdk but didn't get any response to my question.

Never noticed this with MP3 files.


If I can find an example that's not huge would you like to see it? I half wonder if it's because my files reside on a network drive. The part where multiple attempts to write the art finally succeed seems pretty odd to me as well. some files simply refuse though despite 5 and 6 attempts. Sometimes finding the individual file rather than trying to do them as a group seems to help - just not sure. Does your code write the tag even if it already exists? I was surprised when I setup my client to tell me what files had art to see that the ones that don't were correctly identified :flushed: Having them misidentified and your code skipping files that had images would've explained alot. Perhaps the files are damaged in some way? If an examplewill help I've probably got lots of them! :astonished:


Okay, since this post I've upgraded to a newer version and have beenwatching liek a hawk for an example. So far I've found a few MP3 that didn't take art once but always took it on a second try so either i'm wrong about this issue previously or the new code has fixed it. Either way I'd call this one dead for now.

As for WMA - still an issue but as has been stated this is occuring in Microsoft's code. If you hit this and cannot get it as a part of a batch of songs try bringing upthe tags for just one song, use the forward and back buttons to hit the ones without art, and add it per song. Whenyou advance or backup it'll ask you to save - say yes (duh). If it pauses a second then it wrote fine, if not backup and try again. So far doing it this way I've only found one or two songs that wouldn't take - this out of thousands.